The Final Count Down!

School is just around the corner and we are planning and getting ready for the first day of school.   Just a reminder that all students need to have clean tennis shoes for P.E. class.  We would love for them to keep a clean pair in their locker.  This helps ensure that students are prepared for P.E.  Shoes do not have to be new, they just need to be clean!  Thanks for helping your child with this.   Do you have a pair that fits but are dirty, wash them up and bring them in!      See you soon!



I can not believe we are less than two weeks away from the start of school.  I know we have enjoyed some time off but we are ready for routines again.   So with routine comes school and with school comes math, reading, science, history, recess, and SPECIALS!   Especially P.E. 🙂

Please come prepared for P.E. the first day of school with your tennis shoes.  Remember that we ask for all students to keep a clean pair of shoes in their locker at school, so they are always prepared.   GT rotates on a four day schedule and that will be tricky to remember when each class has P.E.   So by keeping a pair of clean tennis shoes at school,  they will always have them.   Tennis shoes do not need to be new, just clean!  Dirty shoes leave a mess in the gym and make our floor very slippery.   Clean shoes = clean floor!  Thanks for your cooperation.

See you next week at the open house,

Mrs. Nienhuis and Mrs. VanKoevering

Welcome Back to P.E.

Summer is over and we are excited to start the 2015-2016 school year at GT!   Please have your child keep a pair of P.E. shoes at school, so they will always be prepared for P.E.   Your child needs to have a clean pair of shoes for the gym.  These shoes do not need to be new, just CLEAN and need to stay at school.   Be sure to bring them the first day of school because students will be going to specials.

Thanks for your help!

Mrs. Nienhuis and Mrs. VanKoevering


Just a quick reminder that if your child is raising money for Jump Rope For Heart, their pledge envelope is due this coming Monday, February 13.

Also please remember to have your students leave a pair of tennis shoes in their locker for P.E.   We are having students come with no tennis shoes and also shoes that are dirty because they are wearing them outside.  If they have a pair in their locker then they will be clean and prepared.  Thanks so much for your help.

Tennis shoes and P.E. go together. Be Prepared!

With School only  four days away, it is time to start thinking about P.E.  The gym is shiny,  clean and  ready to go.  All we need is the students to come in through the doors and we are off and running.  We are excited to begin the new year.  We want to take  a moment and remind you to bring your tennis shoes the first day of school.  It is a great idea to have a pair of tennis shoes in your locker at all times, so you will always be prepared for P.E.  Have a great Labor Day weekend and we will see you soon.