Mileage Club Drawings

Mileage Club has come to an end once again.  Congratulations to our top 3 runners!!  Maverick in 3rd gr. Ms.VanderStels class ran 33 miles…Rogen in 2nd gr. Mrs. Basts class ran 32 miles and Gavin in Mrs. Basts class ran 31 miles…WOW!!!  Everyone who was outside jogging during those extremely hot and humid days deserves a HUGE high 5  🙂  Everyone that ran/walked 13 miles or more did earn a prize and the 20 milers or more got a popsicle party!

Mileage Club

We are in full swing of mileage club for first through fourth graders.  You may have noticed that some of your children are coming home with bright colored shoe laces and foot tokens.  Students can earn prizes for walking and jogging.  One lap around the track earns them one popsicle stick.  When they have 4 popsicle sticks they turn them in and get a mile punched on their mileage marker card.  They have a chance to earn up to 20 miles and many prizes and drawings.  If they make it to 20 miles…they get a popsicle party and an extra recess!  It is a fun program that gives them the incentive to be ACTIVE!!!