Hello Georgetown Families,

We are kicking off our Kids Heart Challenge program (formerly Jump Rope for Heart) this week and our school’s event is right around the corner! Each class will participate in jumping stations Feb. 28- March 6 when they come to P.E.  Your child is learning how nutrition and being active can help us live longer, healthier lives.  Students will be receiving information about Kids Heart Challenge during P.E. class this week, that they will be taking home, please ask your child about it.

If you would like to support the Kids Heart Challenge, simply click the link below.  We are encouraging all of our students to “Take the Challenge”, choose water over sugary drinks, exercise for 60 minutes daily or do a kind deed.  If we can get 50% of our student body to take the Challenge, (register online) we will receive $500 to purchase new PE equipment.  Let’s all get healthier together!

Please note that all donations this year MUST be done ONLINE!  We are not accepting any envelopes with money turned in.  Again remember just by registering online, you are helping our school earn $500.00.  By giving a donation online your child will earn prizes and will be supporting the American Heart Association.

Jump online, take the Challenge and be a Heart Hero!

Go to:

Thank you so much for supporting our school and the American Heart Association!

Mrs. Nienhuis & Mrs. VanKoevering


Once again our GT families have risen to the occasion.  You have all surprised us with your kind hearts and donations.   The GT fam has raised $9,165.51 for the American Heart Association this year.   All students enjoyed a day of jumping rope and learning how to use Chinese jump ropes, thanks to our amazing student teacher Ms. VanNoord.   Check out the video of the kids “jumping the ring”, one of their FAVORITE  JRFH activities.  Thanks again to Ms. VanNoord for her twirling abilities!!!!


*please remember that all the other prizes will arrive in 3-4 weeks.

Jump Rope For Heart!

Please remember that JRFH envelopes are due next week Wednesday, Feb. 28.   Online donations are due as well.   On Feb. 28 we will be starting our jumping events in class.  We will dedicate our class time to jumping!   Thanks for you help with raising money for the American Heart Association.

Here is the link again, to sign up on-line.

Your student will earn Charger and Jax with their first online donation.

Teach your student to help others and spread awareness, just like Charger!

Jump Rope For Heart!

Jump Rope For Heart information will be coming home over the next week, as we see our classes.  We had our best year ever last year with a total of $9,273.84 raised.  We were blown away with how much our GT students raised.   We are excited to see what our students can do this year.

All the funds raised go to the American Heart Association to help research heart disease.  The heart is our strongest muscle in our body.  Some people struggle with heart disease.  This disease effects young and old and some of our own GT students and families.  Thank you for helping us with this important cause.

The Jump date for our students will be Feb. 28-March 5.   Students will be dedicating their P.E. time to jumping when they come to class during Feb. 28-March 5.   All pledge envelopes and on-line donations are due on February 28.

Please take the time to read over the information your students come home with and we encourage you to try the on-line process this year!   There is an informational sheet that will walk you right through how to do it!   Join Miss VanNoord our student teacher and jump your way to good health!




Things to remember:

  1. JRFH =Jump Rope for Heart
  2. JRFH takes place during your childs P.E. Class.  All students will be jumping regardless if they raised money for the American Heart Association.
  3. All Money raised goes to the American Heart Association for research to fight heart disease!

Here is a link for a video we shared with the kids about Jump Rope for Heart!

This video explains how to join our online team!

Here is the information that we sent home with the kids:

online donations

JRFH 2016-parent letter



Jump Rope for Heart, Coming February 15-20!

We are busy finishing up our hockey/pillo polo unit with all of our classes.  Stay tuned for an update about the annual 5th grade teams vs. the teachers.  We will be playing that on Feb. 1.  🙂


Starting January 27 -February 1(our 4 day rotation), we will be talking with our classes about Jump Rope For Heart.  Each student will be getting information and a pledge envelope when they come to P.E., Jan. 27-Feb.1.  Please take the time to read the information and sign up your child/children if you are willing to help raise money for the American Heart Association.  Last year our school raised $8,648.00 and our goal this year is to raise the same or more.  Please keep checking the blog for more information about JRFH!




Coming soon…our annual Jump Rope for Heart Event. January 22-24 we will be sending home the Jump Rope for Heart collection envelopes. This is optional, but it is for a very good cause! All money collected will go to the American Heart Association. The money our school raises helps fund potentially lifesaving research for heart and blood vessel diseases. It also supports the development of educational materials that teach the importance of a healthy heart and staying physically fit. In short, our school is joining in the fight against our nation’s No. 1 killer- cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

All students will be participating in our JRFH event during PE class even if they choose not to collect donations. The dates of the event are Feb. 11-13. Please have all the collection envelopes handed in to us on or before Feb. 11.

If you would like your child to participate in the Jump Rope for Heart Event and raise money, please sign the consent form on the envelope (please leave it attached to the envelope) and your child can then begin to ask family and friends to support his/her participation through contributions. Your son/daughter can earn a number of prizes depending upon the amount of money collected. Last year we raised just over $4700.00…this year our goal is to do the same or better! Thanks for your help with this event!

JRFH and P.E. Apparel!

Wanted to let you know that the Jump Rope for Heart and P.E. Apparel forms went home Jan. 15-17.  We explained the information to all of the students but if you as parents would also read over the information, we would appreciate it.  The P.E. apparel forms are due back on January 29 and the JRFH forms are due back on Feb. 5.  Here is the P.E. Apparel form, just click on the link:   P.E. Apparel

Jump Rope for Heart

After finishing Jump Rope for Heart we had a total of $4737.74.   YAY!!!!!!!  We sent the check out to the American Heart Association and the students who donated money should receive their thank you gifts within 4-6 weeks.  Our top 4 donation givers were Johnny Torongeau with $155, Brandon Carr with $136, and Clayton and Madelynn Wierda each with $135.  Thanks so much to all the families that donated to this very worthy cause.  We so appreciate you!  Also, Sarah Spears in Mrs. Flory’s class, jumped 164 times in one minute!!  She received a medal!  Check out her picture below.