Hockey Championship Game!







So excited to have ALL of our 5th graders in the gym to cheer on the winning teams that played against the GT teachers/staff.  We (the teachers/staff) are still undefeated with a score of 6 to 1!!!!!  We appreciate all the stiffness and sore muscles the adults go through to get this done.  It is definitely a highlight for all of us every year 🙂


WOW!  Teachers pull off the win again, but it was close.  5th graders 1, teachers 2!   It was a great game and the teachers were sweating this one out.  The 5th graders put up a great fight, but teachers are still undefeated.  This is the 11th year we have played the 5th graders and we keep getting older and they stay the same 🙂  Every year is harder and harder, but still so much fun!

Teachers vs. Students!!!

It was our 7th annual teachers vs. students in floor hockey on Friday, January 17. The gym is packed with all the 5th graders and the teachers are dressed in their P.E. clothes, ready to take on the 3 winning hockey teams from 5th grade. The teachers are undefeated in the seven years we have been doing this and feel the pressure of trying to pull off another year of winning without our “star principal player”, who was home sick, bummer. However we have a (young)student teacher, Mr. Finch who was ready to go. The teachers are amazed at how the kids stay the same age, but we keep getting older and every year gets tougher. 🙂
The students put up a good fight, but teachers came out on top again. So the teachers remain UNDEFEATED for another year and promise to work harder to get in better shape for next years games! Please take a look at our videos we captured and picture slide show by clicking on the links below.

Welcome Mr. Finch!

We would like to welcome Evan Finch to Georgetown Elementary. Mr.Finch is a Hope College student who will be student teaching with us in our P.E. Classes. He will be with us for 8 weeks. He has been getting to know students and our daily routines. The kids are having fun getting to know him this first week as well. We let the kids ask him some questions about himself and it has been quite comical because the questions are pretty much the same from each class. Here are some of the questions they asked, and his answers.
1. Favorite color – Blue
2. Favorite food – cheeseburgers
3. Favorite sports team – U of M…Go blue!
4. How old are you – 22 years old
5. What sports did you play – football and track…He was a place kicker at Hope and a thrower in track
6. Are you married….hehehe – no

Mr. Finch is helping with our pillo polo/hockey unit and has gotten some playing time. Our next unit will be volleyballl along with jump roping and he will be planning and teaching with us. This Friday he gets to experience our annual 5th grade Students VS Teachers hockey game. Stay tuned for pictures and to see if our teachers stay UNDEFEATED for the seventh year!