Here is our newest fun fact!   Who is the only Tiger to have ever hit a homerun over the left field grandstand???????  Cecil Fielder.  Fielder did this during his first season with the Tigers in 1990!  Only 3 other players have cleared the left field roof.

Fun Facts

Did you know…your sneeze exceeds 100mph?  There is a good reason why you can not keep your eyes open when you sneeze – that sneeze rockets out of your body at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour!  That is a VERY good reason to cover your mouth when you sneeze 🙂

Whats new!!!

This year we are going to have a “FUN FACT” board.  Every week we are going to add a new fun fact to our board.  The “FUN FACT” is simply that… FUN!  It can be about anything, kind of like a did you know thing.  If your child/children come up with a “FUN FACT”, have them write it down and bring it to P.E. class.  This weeks “FUN FACT”…drum roll please!