Turkey Trot Winners

Just wanted to let you all know that we had some students from Georgetown that placed 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at the Turkey Trot!!  Here is the list:

K – Brooklyn Smies

2nd gr. – Alex Armstrong, Carter Beckham, Elise Matwiejczyk

3rd gr. – Hunter Rose

4th gr. – Cadence Williams, Cole Williams, Lexi Armstrong

5th gr. – Kendall Aikens

Middle/High School – Riley Vansprange

Way to go!!!!!!

Turkey Trot 2016

Tuesday, October 25 is the big day!!!!  If you registered your child for the race, they should have brought their race bag and shirt home yesterday 🙂  Please make sure on the day of the race, the bib number is pinned to the outside of whatever they are wearing.  We need to be able to see the bib color as they finish.  Thanks for all your help with this!

Please dress for the weather and we will see you at the race!!!!

Fractions in PE?

Our gym is perfect for teaching fractions!!!  Our white line divides our gym into thirds and many lines help us with quarters and halves.  We decided to make our middle circle into a giant pizza to teach many more fractions.  There is one activity we do that is called pizza party.  If a student gets tagged, they have to go sit in one of the giant slices of pizza.  Mrs. VanKoevering and I then ask the students,  “what fraction of our pizza is filled?”.