Eagle 5k

Saturday was awesome!!!  Georgetown Joggers did a great job!!!  It was a very cold race but there wasn’t any wind so we were thankful for that.  We had 27 students race along with coaches and parents.  What an exciting event to see them cross the finish line after all that training.  After the race we all got to go inside to warm up and get our stomachs filled.  They even had Hudsonville ice cream!  Congratulations GT Joggers!



Georgetown Joggers

We started our 2nd annual Georgetown Joggers club with 3rd-5th grade to train for the eagle 5k race.  We have 37 kids all working together  to get ready for the big race on March 23 at the Hudsonville High School.  Here is a picture of our group and we will take another one before the race because we had a few people absent when this photo was taken.