Welcome Back!!!

We can not wait to see all of you again in PE for the upcoming school year!!!  Don’t forget to bring your PE shoes on the very first day of school so you can keep them in your locker and be prepared to come to the gym.  Remember, they do not have to be new…just clean and the right size!!  See you soon!   Mrs. Nienhuis and Mrs. VanKoevering

4th and 5th grade Field Day

Just a reminder that the 4th and 5th gr. field day is coming up on June 7 with a rain date of June 8.  If your child ordered a field day t-shirt, it will be coming home on Monday June 6!

Please have your child dress for the weather (with sunscreen) and if they take their own water bottle, they are responsible for it.

5/3 Feelin’ Good Mileage Club

Feelin’ good mileage club is in full swing at GT.  This program is sponsored by 5/3 Bank in honor of the River Bank Run.  The program is designed to motivate kids to get moving at recess time.  Each child gets a mileage maker card and a baggie to hold their “sticks”.   (see photos)







At lunch recess on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays students can run around the track (running or walking) to earn sticks.  Every time they complete a lap, they receive a popsicle stick.  They are trying to earn sticks to turn in for miles marked on their mileage marker card,  so 4 sticks = 1 mile.  When they come to P.E. class, they bring their baggies and sticks.  They will turn in sticks, multiples of 4 in exchange for miles marked off on their mileage club cards and even earn some prizes.  One of the first prizes they earn is a free entry  to race in the junior river bank race on May 11.  (see photo).  Some other prizes include a shoe lace, toe tokens and a chain.

SAM_1097 SAM_1098 SAM_1096









The goal is to reach 20 miles on their cards.  If they do, they earn an extra recess and a popsicle party on a nice sunny day!!!

Running Club

The Georgetown Running Club papers will go home with students in 3rd-5th grade today!!  As the parent, you will have until Feb. 19 to sign and send back the registration sheet for your child, if they want to participate.  When we receive their sign up sheet, we will then send home their training packet.  Starting in March, we will jog after school on Mondays and Wednesdays until 4:30.  The Eagle 5k race this year is on Sat. March 26 at 9:00 am.

Fractions in PE?

Our gym is perfect for teaching fractions!!!  Our white line divides our gym into thirds and many lines help us with quarters and halves.  We decided to make our middle circle into a giant pizza to teach many more fractions.  There is one activity we do that is called pizza party.  If a student gets tagged, they have to go sit in one of the giant slices of pizza.  Mrs. VanKoevering and I then ask the students,  “what fraction of our pizza is filled?”.



Teachers VS. 5th grade winning teams!!!

What a great morning we had on Monday.  The 5th grade winning teams from our hockey tournament went up against our VERY talented and athletic teachers!!!!!  We are excited to say that we remain undefeated  🙂  A great time was had by all!  Enjoy the pictures.

























Today Mrs. McDonalds class got to take a field trip to Hudsonville Lanes for bringing in the most items for our PE CARES!  We had SO much fun…what a treat!  A big thank you goes to Hudsonville Lanes for supporting all our Hudsonville El. Schools with a free trip to the bowling Lanes.  Check out the pictures…



























Miss. Fitchett!

This past week Miss. Abbie Fitchett has been with us in the gym.  She is also from Liverpool, England.  She loves pizza, and chocolate.  Her favorite animal is a giraffe and she likes the Livepool soccer team.  Miss. Fitchett also loves playing netball.  She taught the kids how netball works and did a little skills drill with them. Our students taught her how to play kickball.   She was the pitcher!  Click on the links to check out netball and enjoy the photos.


www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JwylIxSPe4  SAM_0935








Miss Becca Wardle from Liverpool England

SAM_0914 We are so excited to welcome Miss W all the way from England.  She is with us in PE for a week and then will spend another week in Mrs. Kuiecks classroom.  She already has put together a fitness station that she taught the kids to do.  Check out the picture 🙂  Her favorite color is orange.  Her favorite animal is an elephant.  She LOVES pancakes and orange juice!  So glad you could join us Miss Wardle!!