Turkey Trot 2016

What a GREAT night for the Turkey Trot!!!!  The weather was beautiful and we had over 1000 students there with their families running the race.  Thank you SO much to ALL our volunteers and sponsors! What a great way for the community to all come together and support our kids  🙂  Here are a few pictures :













5/3 Feelin’ Good Mileage Club

Feelin’ good mileage club is in full swing at GT.  This program is sponsored by 5/3 Bank in honor of the River Bank Run.  The program is designed to motivate kids to get moving at recess time.  Each child gets a mileage maker card and a baggie to hold their “sticks”.   (see photos)







At lunch recess on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays students can run around the track (running or walking) to earn sticks.  Every time they complete a lap, they receive a popsicle stick.  They are trying to earn sticks to turn in for miles marked on their mileage marker card,  so 4 sticks = 1 mile.  When they come to P.E. class, they bring their baggies and sticks.  They will turn in sticks, multiples of 4 in exchange for miles marked off on their mileage club cards and even earn some prizes.  One of the first prizes they earn is a free entry  to race in the junior river bank race on May 11.  (see photo).  Some other prizes include a shoe lace, toe tokens and a chain.

SAM_1097 SAM_1098 SAM_1096









The goal is to reach 20 miles on their cards.  If they do, they earn an extra recess and a popsicle party on a nice sunny day!!!

Teachers VS. 5th grade winning teams!!!

What a great morning we had on Monday.  The 5th grade winning teams from our hockey tournament went up against our VERY talented and athletic teachers!!!!!  We are excited to say that we remain undefeated  🙂  A great time was had by all!  Enjoy the pictures.
























Let the Tournament Begin!

We have started out hockey/pillo-polo unit.  3rd-5th play hockey and 1st-2nd play pillo-polo.  Each class is divide into four teams and each team has to come up with a team name.  The emphasis on this unit is learning to play with your teammates.  There is no I in the word team.   So what does it look like to be a good team member, good sport,  and  how do we compromise?  We talk about learning to pass to our teammates and moving without the ball.  We have a goalie, defenders, offensive players and 2nd-5th play with a rover.  Ask your child/children about each position and see if they know what each position does.

We wish you a very merry Christmas and may you have a blessed New Year!!


Wow!!!!!!!!! Georgetown families….we are so blessed by all the donations you brought in to help our families in Hudsonville at Love Inc.  We exceeded our donations of past years by over 1,oo0 items.  Our total for the school was 4,592!  Congratulations to Mrs. McDonalds 3rd grade class, they will be going on the bowling field trip to Hudsonville Lanes.  They brought in 640 items!  Mrs. Greenlunds’ 2nd grade class brought in 524 items and Mrs. Balls’ 5th gr. class brought in 476.  We are so blessed to have such giving families and students at Georgetown!!  May you have a great Thanksgiving 🙂

Turkey Trot—WOW!!!

Turkey Trot was amazing last night.  Good weather, full stands and a record number of runners!  Over 1100 participants enjoyed a night of running.  It is so great to see the kids running with smiles on their faces and the parents cheering them on.  A huge THANK-YOU to all our sponsors and volunteers.  We could not make this night possible with out all of you!  What a great community event for our Hudsonville students and families.

Be sure to check out the Advance paper, I think we will have some GT kids making the headlines!

Enjoy some pictures of the night!

IMG_1056 IMG_1057 IMG_1058 IMG_1059 IMG_1060 IMG_1061 IMG_1062 IMG_1063