Welcome Back to P.E.

Summer is over and we are excited to start the 2015-2016 school year at GT!   Please have your child keep a pair of P.E. shoes at school, so they will always be prepared for P.E.   Your child needs to have a clean pair of shoes for the gym.  These shoes do not need to be new, just CLEAN and need to stay at school.   Be sure to bring them the first day of school because students will be going to specials.

Thanks for your help!

Mrs. Nienhuis and Mrs. VanKoevering

4th an 5th Field Day!!!!!

What an absolutely beautiful day we had for field day!!!! Thousands of students all together from 7 different elementary schools having a blast.  Classroom teachers, we can not thank you enough for your help…we so appreciate all you do on this day to make it awesome for our students!!  A huge thank you to Mr. Rob and Mr. Hoekstra for all the help they gave us!  Also a big thanks goes to Mrs. Bell for helping us out with the staff lunch!  A great day was had by all…enjoy the pictures!!!20150602_082741



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Miss. Fitchett!

This past week Miss. Abbie Fitchett has been with us in the gym.  She is also from Liverpool, England.  She loves pizza, and chocolate.  Her favorite animal is a giraffe and she likes the Livepool soccer team.  Miss. Fitchett also loves playing netball.  She taught the kids how netball works and did a little skills drill with them. Our students taught her how to play kickball.   She was the pitcher!  Click on the links to check out netball and enjoy the photos.


www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JwylIxSPe4  SAM_0935








Miss Becca Wardle from Liverpool England

SAM_0914 We are so excited to welcome Miss W all the way from England.  She is with us in PE for a week and then will spend another week in Mrs. Kuiecks classroom.  She already has put together a fitness station that she taught the kids to do.  Check out the picture :)  Her favorite color is orange.  Her favorite animal is an elephant.  She LOVES pancakes and orange juice!  So glad you could join us Miss Wardle!!

Whats up in P.E.???

We are currently in the process of doing Feel’in Good Mileage Club at recess and in P.E. class.  Mileage club is a program sponsored by Fifth Third Bank (sponsor of the River Bank Run) to promote fitness at recess and get the kids up and moving. The goal is to run/jog/walk 20 miles.  We started right after spring break and will be ending around May 18.  Mileage club takes place on Monday/Wednesday/Friday lunch recesses around the track.  Every time they go around they earn a popsicle stick and 4 sticks equal a mile.  The kids can also earn prizes for certain miles they complete.  Be sure to ask your kiddos how they are doing with mileage club!

We are also working on completing our spring fitness tests in P.E.


We finished the Eagle 5K!!!

We woke up Saturday morning to a chilly 12 degrees!!!!   The sun was out and thankfully there was no wind.  All our runners did such a great job on this very cold day!!!  When the race was finished we spent some time in the cafeteria with food, fun, and fellowship!  Jets Pizza, Hudsonville ice cream, and lots oranges and apples were eaten :)  Thank you to all our runners and our parents who got their child to the race and cheered the runners on!!!  Mrs. Nienhuis and Mrs. VanKoevering finished the race and were very proud coaches!!!  Here is a picture of our team that made it to the race.






Here is a picture of the group that trained for the race.



Mr Kooikers’ class won the Gaga for dollars competition that was held and Mrs. Walentas’ class came in second!!!!!  They are the first two classes to get to use the Gaga pits!  We are teaching PE rules for Gaga Ball that all the students will use during the school day.  A special thank you goes out to Andy Gryzen from Standale Lumber for donating lumber which allowed us to have 2 Gaga pits instead of one.  Another thank you goes to our own Mr. Rob for putting the pits together.  We all appreciate your hard work!!! Here are a few pictures that we took today….

SAM_0911 SAM_0910 SAM_0909 SAM_0908 SAM_0906

Eagle 5K

Well, the weather does not look very warm for our race this Saturday but we are not going to let that stop us!! We have trained well and are ready to run!  Parents of our Hudsonville Running Club students can arrive anytime around 8 a.m. at the Hudsonville High School gym to pick up the race packets and get your race number pinned on.  We will meet in the gym at 8:15 for a team picture and then sit as a group to listen to our speaker.  We will all stretch and walk out to the starting line together.  Please stick around after the race for refreshments, food and plenty of prizes in the cafeteria!!  See you at the races!!!!!


Our Hudsonville Running Club is underway for our Georgetown 3rd-5th graders.  We have about 40 students training with us to run the Eagle 5K on March 28!!!!!

We are in our basketball unit right now with our bowling unit coming soon.  A big shout out goes to Hudsonville Lanes for supplying us with everything we need for an awesome bowling experience right here at school!!!

Just a heads up that our annual mileage club will be starting after Spring Break.